Moor Living represents a passion for architecture and residential living, and a belief in the potential for architecture to positively influence lifestyle.

Moor Living creates custom architect designed homes in select, lifestyle focused locations.  Moor Living acquires land and engages leading architects together with a team of design consultants, working together collaboratively to develop highly considered, site-specific design solutions. Control over design integrity and quality is maintained through in-house construction management, delivering to prospective purchasers innovative architect designed homes built to an exceptional standard.

Tessa Moorfield, Owner and Director of Moor Living, is a passionate and determined professional.  With qualifications, skills and experience in architecture, construction and project management, Tessa has a unique skill set and vision that will drive unique and exciting outcomes.

Each meticulously crafted Moor Living home demonstrates the collective intelligence, experience and passion of the team behind it.  We are committed to an ongoing inquiry of traditional attitudes, a progressive, considered approach to residential living and an unapologetic ambition to create homes that are simultaneously beautiful, functional and which offer outstanding value for money.